gel-foam pet bed

The Gel-Pedic® orthopedic pet bed combines a natural nesting shape and a new patented material called GelFoam®. GelFoam® is a heat sensitive memory foam type material that custom forms to pets’ bodies, easing pressure on legs and hips. The gel helps keep pets cool in the summer by maintaining a lower ambient temperature, while the foam helps keep pets warm in the winter with dense insulation. Each Gel-Pedic® pet bed includes built-in pockets that secure the Repel-a-Flea aroma bars, made from natural eucalyptus oil, in order to help deter fleas, mites, and ticks. The Gel-Pedic® pet bed includes a machine washable, faux fur cover. Available in 5 sizes: Toy 17 x 13, X-Small 20 x 15, Small 24 x 19, Medium 30 x 23, and Large 39.5 x 30. Also available is the Gel-Pedic® LeakLiner, for incontinent pets, at an additional cost.
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GelFoam: Gel-Pedic pet beds are made from a new patented material called GelFoam. GelFoam molds to the contour of your pet's hips and joints relieving pressure that can cause pain and discomfort. It provides superior comfort for pets of all ages, especially those ailing or suffering from arthritic conditions. Gel-Pedic beds are available in small, medium and large pet sizes. The properties of the Gel-Pedic pet bed work in accordance with the laws of thermal equilibrium. Two objects will strive to reach thermal equilibrium by transferring heat until both objects have attained the same temperature. The more dense an object is, the faster the heat transfer will occur. The natural properties of the GelFoam make the Gel-Pedic pet bed one of the most dense beds on the market. A dog's natural body temperature should be 101°F - 102°F. If your pet's temperature is normal or even less, the foam of this fancy dog gel bed will insulate your pet from environmental temperatures that are cooler than their normal body temperature. The reason this is possible is because the dead air space within the foam cells slows the transfer of cold through the bed, allowing your pet's normal body temperature time to warm their nesting area. The Gel properties of our dog and cat beds promote cooler temperatures during the warmer months. The bed's skin or outer surface, which is at room temperature, is very dense. The Gel will transfer your pet's body heat much faster than standard bedding materials, such as poly-fill, giving them a cooler and more comfortable nesting area. Nesting Shape: Many pets prefer to cradle or to sleep in a curled-up position. Gel-Pedic dog and cat beds provide a patented contour that gives your pet a natural pre-nested shape for ultimate comfort and security. Each cat or dog bed is an average of 3.5 inches tall, making it easy for pets with sore hip or knee joints and muscles to painlessly enter the bed. Other pet beds compromise the security of the 360° shape in order to allow the pet to enter the bed.