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Welcome Pet Owners!

Welcome to the Gel-Pedic pet bed website. We designed this website to be informative and easy to navigate. I hope that you will find this new product exciting and unique to the pet bed market.

Splintek, Inc is a health and comfort driven organization whose ultimate goal is to design products that will help you (and your pet) live a happy, healthier, longer life. Originally, Splintek designed and introduced SleepRight products to the healthcare market to comfort individuals who suffer from teeth grinding, head, back and neck tension.

After the introduction of the SleepRight products and the positive response that was received, I decided to design a product that allows our pets to rest as comfortably as we do. The Gel-Pedic orthopedic pet bed was the first step.

Here at Splintek, we are constantly striving to design comfort technology to help others with the every day stress on their bodies. The better you rest the better you feel, the better you feel the longer you live. Our pets work hard all day playing, eating, and making us smile. Return the favor and make your pet smile. Pamper your pet with a new Gel-Pedic bed today!

We encourage you to contact us today and to learn more about us through our website!


Thomas Brown
Vice President / CEO

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