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Bed Measurement
Actual Nesting Measurement
Pet's Length
17" x 13"
14" x 10"
5" - 14"
20" x 15"
17" x 12"
15" - 17"
24" x 19"
21" x 16"
18" - 21"
30" x 23"
27" x 20"
22" - 27"
39.5" x 30"
35.5" x 27"
28" - 35.5"

How to measure your pet's length
1. Make sure your pet is lying down.
2. Using a tape measure, measure your pet from nose to rump.
3. Add 2-4 inches if your pet likes to stretch out.
4. Match the pet's length to the actual nesting measurement in the chart above.

Gel-Pedic pet beds are available in Khaki Brown and Denim Blue, topped with ivory faux fur.  Lush Leopard is topped with Sand soft suede and Paw Prints is topped with Chocolate soft suede. Soft suede is water and stain resistant. Click the above link to view our pet bed colors and patterns.


Do not allow the GelFoam to get wet. If your pet suffers from incontinence, it is recommended that you purchase a Gel-Pedic LeakLiner. These dual protection liners overlay the inner portion of the Gel-Pedic pet bed to protect the liquid-sensitive GelFoam. Sold in packets of 6 liners.

Washing Instructions

Gel-Pedic pet bed covers are machine washable! Click the above link for detailed washing and drying instructions.

Repel-a-Flea Refill Instructions

The replaceable natural eucalyptus bars in our pet beds are made from authentic eucalyptus plants. The aroma is very strong and should last at least 60-90 days. Refill replacement time may vary depending on how much use your pet bed receives.

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