Dog Bed, Best Dog Bed for Your Pet, Dog Bed By GelPedic

Gel-Pedic pet beds provide a patented contour that gives your pet a natural pre-nested shape for ultimate comfort and security.

Naturally, your pet likes to be cradled or to sleep in a curled up position. To get this nesting position, sometimes the pet will walk in circles and paw/scratch at the ground. This is a natural instinct that animals in the wild as well as domestic animals do before lying down. In the wild, animals search for a secure location to lie down. Many times, the locations the animals choose will consist of tall brush or grass for their security. To push the grass down, they have to walk over the grass (sometimes walk in circles) or push the grass down to sleep on. After they’ve created their comfortable, den-like atmosphere, they curl up and go to sleep.

Because each bed is only 3.5 inches tall, a pet with sore joints and hip muscles can painlessly enter the bed. Other pet beds compromise the security of the 360˚ shape in order to allow the pet to enter the bed.

Helpful Hint - Place your Gel-Pedic bed near the walls of your home to help create the natural den-like atmosphere.

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