get your orthopedic pet bed today!

The Gel-Pedic designer pet beds are uniquely designed with premium GelFoam and the finest materials for your dog or cat.
Repel-a-Flea refills, replacement pet bed covers and Leak Liners are also available to purchase.

(Actual Nesting space 14” x 10”)

TOY 17" x 13"



(Actual Nesting space 17” x 12”)

X-SMALL 20" x 15"


(Actual Nesting space 21” x 16”)

SMALL 24" x 19"


Repel-a-Flea Refills


Gel-Pedic® LeakLiners


Do not allow the GelFoam to get wet. If your pet suffers from incontinence, it is recommended that you purchase a Gel-Pedic LeakLiner. These dual protection liners overlay the inner portion of the Gel-Pedic pet bed to protect the liquid-sensitive GelFoam.

Replacement Covers

Toy Colors
X-Small Colors
Small Colors
All sales are final.
In certain cases, a 30-Day Exchange Policy may be effective.

Reminder! It is very important to measure your pet lying down from nose to rump before ordering any of our orthopedic pet beds. Depending on the size of your dog or cat and how your pet likes to sleep, you may want to add an additional 2-4 inches. Match the pet’s size to the actual nesting measurement of the desired Gel-Pedic pet bed. If the measurement exceeds the measurement of the largest size, do not assume that your pet will fit comfortably on the bed.

We only ship orders to United States and Canada.
For international orders, please contact Customer Service at 1.888.792.0865.

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