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“My cat Trevor recently turned 19 years old. He's been using the Gel-Pedic bed (size small) for a year now. The bed has been fantastic at providing comfort for him in his senior years. Trevor has arthritis in his hips. The low profile design of the bed makes it really easy for him to get in and out of it without taking a tumble. He relaxes for hours in his bed and even occasionally enjoys bedside dining on special occasions. It's good to spoil your pets. Trevor lost his sight several years ago and one of the surprise benefits of the Repel-a-Flea inserts was that the eucalyptus scent made it really easy for Trevor to find his bed, especially when it was brand new. When the bed arrived in the mail we found a nice spot for it and put Trevor in it. Later that day, he had a really easy time finding his new bed because of the nice eucalyptus scent. Plus on the very first day, he chose the new bed over his old bed and he has never looked back. One last surprise benefit is that Trevor also smells like a fresh little bundle of eucalyptus potpourri. Beats fish breath any day. Thank you for making such a great product. It has vastly improved the quality of life for my senior cat in his final years.”
(Barking Board post)

I unfortunately  lost my 17 1/2 year-old Pekingese Buppy last month, but I firmly believe that the last 2 years of his life were made much more comfortable and soothing with his small-sized Gel-Pedic bed. He'd been sleeping all of his life on a beanbag which he could no longer get onto, and when I saw your ad in People magazine, I called and spoke to you and you assured me that this was the perfect and more sensible alternative. When I first got it, he didn't seem interested, but within a week or so he was sniffing and cuddling up to it, and soon easily stepped in- and from that day on he spent the majority of his time in it, happy, content, and acting as if it'd been all his idea!
I have just gotten 2 Peke puppies and plan to order them a medium sized Gel-Pedic bed to share when they get past the chewing-everything stage. I was thrilled to get on your site and see that it now comes in leopard-print, which is my "signature" fabric! Thank you for what your bed did for Buppy, and I'm sure my pups will love their new bed as well.
Debbi F.
Coto de Caza, CA

“My dog Gizmo is a pekinese/poodle. We purchased the Gel-Pedic bed for her because she is spoiled and thinks she has to have the best pet products. At first she wasn't quite sure about it, I put one of her blankets on top of it and she immediately began nesting into the bed, scratching and sniffing around. She loves the sides and how the shape of the bed encompasses her. She is so adorable all curled up! This is a very nice product for pampered pets.”
Customer from Tucson (Barking Board post)

“My Westie, Clancy, just loves his bed! I kept sticking my hand on it and he growled and growled, letting me know that the bed belongs to HIM! I'm so glad we found this bed. He actually went to sleep and did not get up at all to roam around the house. I guess there's a first for everything!”
Nancy G.
Sarasota , FL

“Benny is a 13 year-old terrier who is blind and suffers from arthritis. I purchased the new Gel-Pedic bed in January. Benny loves it and I've noticed that he is not as stiff when he gets up as he was before. Thanks Splintek!”
Customer from San Jose (Barking Board post)

“We purchased a large Gel-Pedic bed for our 13 year-old cocker spaniel who has hip dysplasia after my mom (his grandma) saw an ad for it in People magazine. We had tried other beds, but he refused to sleep in them. We received the bed yesterday and today Sammy is already enjoying his new bed. Much to our delight and amazement, his little brother Buster (a papillon/pomeranian/chihuahua mix) also enjoys the bed, right along next to him. I snapped this picture today, one day after receiving the bed. Aren't they just adorable???!!!! Fall is finally here in N. Carolina and they are cuddled close together in "their" new Gel-Pedic bed. We might have to buy another one. Sammy’s favorite feature is the softness of the cover and the great support for his aching hips and back. Buster’s favorite feature is that it’s big enough for two to snuggle!”
Melinda K.
Apex, NC

“Smokey is a Maine Coon breed of cat (he weighs 17 pounds!) and he really loves his Gel-Pedic bed. In fact, he especially enjoys the corded piping around the top of the bed, since he can get a good scratching for his head on it before he snuggles up to go to sleep. Enjoy!”
Melissa C.
Fresno , CA

“This is Gilligan, he is 13 years old and has arthritis. He loves his new Gel-Pedic bed so much that he prefers to sleep there at night rather than in bed with me, where he has been for all of his 13 years! That really says something about your bed!”
Denise G.
San Diego , CA

“I recently purchased a Gel-Pedic pet bed for my twenty two year old dog, Magic. I was a little concerned that because he’s so old, he would be adverse to the change. Well, I’m very happy to say that Magic LOVES his new bed. It smells fresh, it doesn’t slip around on my hardwood floors, and he just looks very comfy and cozy! Thank you for manufacturing such a superior product, and Magic says ‘Woof Woof’ (which means thank you in canine…).”
Jessica J.
Gardnerville , NV

"Hi, our old dog Buffy was bit shy at first but found the Gel-Pedic bed to be the best place to curl up and rest her old bones! We are certainly satisfied. The funniest thing happened...Buffy suffers from incontinence and had wet her bed while at my mother’s place. When Buffy was picked up, her bed was put in a garbage bag since it was too late to wash it out, and she was given her old bed to lye on. In the morning my sister found her sleeping on top of the garbage bag! She won't go without it even if it is wrapped in plastic! It has been the best thing for her. Thanks so much.”
Wanda M.
Victoria , BC Canada

"My cat Lucy is a thirteen year-old Maine Coone with developing arthritis in her back legs and hips. The height of this bed allows Lucy to climb in/out without any difficulty, and she can sleep in more comfortable and less restrictive positions."
Laurie R
Kalamazoo, MI

“Thank you!  My dog is a seven year old Papillon. He has the first gel bed I bought a year ago in the living room, and a 6" thick foam bed in the bedroom. For the last two months, he refuses to sleep in the bedroom, and sleeps in his gel bed.  That to me tells me what no ad in a magazine can - that your gel bed is far superior in comfort to my healthy, active dog. I can imagine how it must feel to one with arthritis. Thanks again."
M.B. Miles
West Jefferson, NC

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